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my qth (town): Bergkamen

townhall and bus station 
townhall and central bus station

Besides heavy industry trade farming and stockbreeding are also very common in this region. The romans set up the first settlements and barracks in Bergkamen- Oberaden 11 years before Christian. Today Bergkamen has about 54000 inhabitants and a floorspace around 45 square kilometers. More about Bergkamen? (in German only) CLICK HERE !

Civic Heraldry

The Civic Heraldry of Bergkamen symbolises on one hand the chemical structure of benzol and the importance of the chemical industry and coal mines in this region. On the other hand it symbolises the 6 municipalities (Rünthe, Bergkamen, Weddinghofen, Oberaden, Heil and Overberge) which founded the City of Bergkamen in June 1966. The colours are derived from the arms of the County of the Mark, to which the area historically belonged.

site plan of Bergkamen

site map of Bergkamen

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