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                 EA8, Gran Canaria Holiday- DX- Pedition 2007

              IOTA: AF-004                              WAG Contest

el porche 
el porche, the QTH of Bill EA8AZC and his XYL Brigitte in Palmital de Telde

above you see the 2000 square meter stately home El Porche from Bill, EA8AZC and his XYL Brigitte. El Porche means patio or porch and indeed behind the entry you reach the porch decorated with terrifically flowers and plants. Thanks Brigitte! The property is walled and is situated on the top of a hill 450 m above the sea level west of Telde (northwest of the airport). El Porche offers everything a HAM is enthusiastic about: cordial hospitality, free view to DL, antennas, a separate guest house, a separate shack and last but not least an indoor swimming pool with a terrace and view to the south. You can reach quickly each corner of the island with a rental car. Excellent conditions for holidays with ham radio activities which inspired my XYL Monika too!

dinner with friends 

Above you see Brigitte, Bill, Monika and me at dinner with some very good wine. We will treasure the taste of the home made special delicacies, the tasty wine and the interesting stories from Brigitte and Bill!

5 el LP & Spiderbeam  

Here you see the available beams. A Spiderbeam and a 5 el LogPeriodic 15m above the ground level.The latter one was used during the WAG contest. I could work DL on 10m during a short opening although the sun spots were at a minimum level. Additionally there was a Barker & Williamson Wide Band Dipole available. This commercial dipole was only useable on 40m and I could not make any QSO on 80m unfortunately because of a faulty wire connection.

contest time

At long last! WAG contest 2007 from EA8
RIG: Kenwood TS 570D and Icom IC706 with 100 Watts (Collins PA operation is only allowed for Bill ;-) - result: 350 QSOs and 85050 points. Placed first in EA8!

and as you can see I enjoyed all the fun! The dreamteam Bill and I became friends and let me say thank you to my XYL Monika who active supported me. We spent a unforgettable holiday on Gran Canaria!

contest fever Bill, EA8AZC & Achim, DL1DAW


   © 2007 by DL1DAW •  dl1daw@darc.de