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              3V8CB holiday dxpedition 2002

dxpedition team 
DL1BDF Mustapha (sk),  DL1DAW Achim,     Diana,     xyl Monika,     Julia

Above the dxpedition team in the shack of 3V8CB at the Scout Center in Bordj Cedria. It is situated between Hammamet and Tunis at the Mediterranean Sea.
Mustapha (sk) ( below he is in operation at 3V8CB) was a born Tunisian and he lived in the city of Norden in north Germany. He was the contact to the Tunisian Ministry of Communication and to the Tunisian Amateur Radio Club (ASTRA) to get the license for operating at one of the 7 Scout Club Stations. I got the license for 3V8CB in Bordj Cedria which was the closest to my holiday site in Hammamet.

DL1BDF, Mustapha 

It took me only 1 call, 2 emails and a fee to get the license. Thank´s for your great support Mustapha! At the 2nd day in Hammamet I called Mustapha at his celluar phone and surprise...he stayed in Bordj Cedria. We made a date and I visited him with my family at the Scout Center. The friendly people in the Scout Center gave us an warm welcome after an adventurous taxi tour. I handed over some useful donations for the club station. Mustapha was the founder of all the 7 Amateur Radio Stations in Tunisia and therefore he was very popular by the Tunisian HAM´s. Mustapha introduced us to a lot of his friends and after refreshing my xyl and the harmonics went to the beach and I enjoyed Amateur Radio with the 3V8CB callsign.Thank´s to my xyl Monika and my harmonics Diana and Julia for enduring my holiday ham radio operation and also to the nice people at the Scout Center in Bordj Cedria for their hospitality.

damaged beam

The rig was an FT 757 GX which was matched to a multiband dipol. Unfortunately the beam and the rotor were damaged.
We worked 605 qso´s at the 22./23. and 31 July 2002.
If you worked me during this time please use my logbook search to check your call sign.

camel- man DL1DAW

Who is the camel?
That´s the question!
Please think twice before you announce a silly answer!
Beside Amateur Radio DXpediton we had a Sahara trip with camel riding. An unforgetable exiting experience!
The conclusion:
A great not standard holiday with a lot of new impressions and more understanding of the arabic (islamic) culture!
Try it also!
Worldwide friendship with Amateur Radio.


   © 2002 by DL1DAW •  dl1daw@darc.de