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            my Amateur Radio Antennas

amateur radio antennas DL1DAW 
(c) DL1DAW 2015

West view of my antennas. On the top of the 13m Versatower the 2m/70cm omni antenna X-50N from DIAMOND is fixed. Both of the bands, 2m and 70cm, can be operated simultaneously by using an indoor antenna duplexer. The antenna gain is 4.5 dBi for 2m and 7.2 dBi for 70cm band.
Below the omni antenna you see the Mosley TA-63-N 6 Band Beam. It works with 3 active elements for each band - from 20m to 6m (incl. WARC). The forward gain is between 6.5 dBd and 7.9dBd whilst the front-to-back ratio is from 9db to 20dB. I am quite happy with this antenna especially with the WARC bands and in contest operations.
For all other bands I use a symmetric multiband dipole 2 x 17m where each leg is 11m horizontal and 6m vertical down. The centre feeder of the dipole is mounted at a glasfibre mast 12m above ground level and 4m above top roof. The angle of the leg spread is about 110° ending 3m above the ground level.
The flexible antenna wire is from DX-Wire type F 7 x 0.5mm hard copper, tin-plated, PE isolation, section is 1,4qmm. The 8 m feeder is symmetric and has an impedance of 600 Ohm.
The feeder ends at the symmetric input of the remote controlled matchbox in the loft. After the T- machting network and a 1:1 current balun a coax cable RG213 connects the transceiver.
The remote controlled matchbox and the control unit are made by Hans Bolli HB9KOF and is called SAMS (Swiss Antenna Matching System). It automatically provides optimum matching of the antenna system during operations of my transceivers ICOM 7610 and YAESU FT-991.

control unit 

Technical specifications:           more information: click here Heinz Bolli HB9KOF

Frequency range: 1.8 - 30 MHz
Power rating of 2.5 kW key down depending on output impedance.
T-network matching
RF-Input 50 Ohm coaxial
Output matching range from app. 10 Ohm up to app. 2500 Ohm
Compensation of reactances from 0 Ohm up to app. +/- 1000 Ohm

(c) DL1DAW 2009


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