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DL1DAW with Team   
DL1DAW with his Yong Ladies- Team infront of the Golden Gate Bridge

The voyage to California still took place against the background of the inconceivable Terrorist Attack to the World Trade Center Towers in New York City 2 years ago. The security check at the airports were very time-consuming, especially in San Francisco! But I had no problems with my 10 m fiberglas mast posted as bulky good (fishing rod). My rig and accessories were stored in the suitcase. Radio equipment in the cabin was strictly forbidden by the airline solely the LapTop was allowed with the baggage. Of course all the equipment was declared in official clearance papers. Well prepared I avoided trouble!

Death Valley
Death Valley, the hottest antenna setup I ever had...45°C at shadow
Death Valley
Here I worked up a sweat! I met Jim W6RAD a technician at Furnace Creek (DV-NP)
...and a coyote crossed my ways!
Circus Circus
Las Vegas, less time for amateur radio
DL1DAW sleeping
...I got tired very soon...bad condx!
Malibu, best place at the Pacific Coast
Santa Barbara
Antenna setup in Santa Barbara
Diana, DN1DAW in qso and Julia on the Internet
Joshua Tree Park
The Joshua Tree Park
conditions simular a desert

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