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Hallig Hooge EU-042
A47RS Oman
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+++ Welcome to the homepage of Achim (Jim) DL1DAW +++ holiday style operations from Albania +++ ZA/DL1DAW from 4.Sept.23 - 11.Sept.23 +++ I'm looking forward to many QSOs and your spots in the cluster +++

radio propagation


about me
a brief introduction of the operator
and his course of amateur radio life.

the radio station
my equipment.

the antennas
my antennas.

the qth
presentation of Bergkamen, my location,
maps and DOK number

Video Monitor
sometimes Live!
Watch me during ham radio operation

my shortwave contest results
since I started with my first DARC 10m contest in 1992

Local Club of Bergkamen, DOK: O47
activities like fielddays, anniversaries, meetings, contests....etc.
(only presented in German)

photo album
my amateur radio life in some pictures.

RBN activity statistics - log search

useful links
here you will find some useful links


Funker telegrafiert `cq´

holidaystyle operations

Albania September 2023
holidaystyle and WAEDC SSB contest

Isles of Scilly EU-011
IOTA Contest 2016 on St.Mary's

A47RS Oman
WAG Contest 2014 Muscat

Hallig Hooge EU-042
Hallig Hooge EU-042 in August 2014 & July 2020.

D44TZN AF-086 activity
WAG Contest 2011 in Santa Maria, Sal Isl.

CN2AW activity
WAG Contest 2009 in Dar Bouazza near Casablanca (Morocco).

EA8 AF-004 activity
WAG Contest 2007 on Gran Canaria.
WAG Contest 2018 on Tenerife

CT3 AF-014 activity
WAG Contest 2005 on Madeira.

W6/DL1DAW activity
my California holiday DXpedtion in August 2003.

3V8CB activity
my Tunesia holiday DXpedtion in July 2002.


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